Performance parameters of vacuum coating equipment for vacuum coating equipment

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Performance parameters of vacuum coating equipment for vacuum coating equipment
1 sweat test: the pH value of 4.7~7.2 test no obvious discoloration, foaming
2 constant temperature and humidity: 65 C 90% RH place 88H
3 high and low temperature test: ~85 C -40 C, a total of 27 cycles to test, the appearance of no obvious discoloration
4 adhesion test more than 3B~ more than 4B qualified!
5.RCA test: 100~1000 cycle /175g/f, not open at the end of material is qualified!
. resistance testing of chemicals: Hand Cream / lotion / lip balm, products will be placed in the constant temperature box (temperature 40 plus or minus 2 DEG C and the humidity of 90 + 2%), keep the 48h and surface appearance of products without exception and adhesion tests of more than or equal to 3B~ is more than or equal to 4B.
7 hardness testing: 1H MITSUBISHI pencil, 500g~1000g/f, respectively, 3 5mm long, the surface is not marked as qualified!
The 8 test: boiled water boiling for 30 minutes ~1 hours after the surface cracking, discoloration, foaming for qualified
9 test ES-512N eraser, eraser, friction 500g/f, length 5~15mm, 100~200 test surface had no obvious change for qualified!
10 salt spray test: concentration: 5 + 1% bars, density: 1030~1040kg/m3, pH: 6.5~7.2, continuous spray 8H after the stop, the product in the salt
Fog in the box static 16H, and then began to spray, so the cycle 3 times after (72H), with clear water clean, appearance no discoloration, foaming for qualified!
11.UV aging: UV-A, 340nm, 60 degrees C, test 4H.50 C dew point test 4H; the two step test constitutes a cycle, repeat the above test, a total of 12 cycles, the appearance of no obvious change. Qualified!
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