Infrared heating tube, gold tube resistance to high temperature optical coating requirements

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1) required equipment: SF series optical electron gun coating
2) obtain film: metal compound coating, baking coating
3) coating process: pre process cleaning of the product, drying, vacuum coating, baking, finished product packaging.
4) basic configuration:

Cavity structure: D1600MM*H1500MM vertical single door
Cavity material: 304 stainless steel
Rotation mode: dome planet type rotating frame, can design straight, U model and other different types of gold pipe clamp system
Evaporation power supply: SCR silicon controlled rectifier + high power evaporation transformer
Evaporation source: 3 groups
Electron gun: E type electron gun, magnetic deflection 270
Crucible: a rotating porous crucible
From the sub source: the use of Holzer ion source
Film control: using crystal film thickness meter Nicobar group
Cryogenic system: -135 deep cold water vapor catcher (optional)
Pumping system: 1 sets of diffusion pump +1 Taiwan roots pump +2 rotary vane pump +1 pump
Intelligent control: PLC+HMI intelligent man-machine interface control + alarm system
Installation services: free installation and commissioning of the customer site service
Warranty service: free 12 month warranty
Training services: provide the basic training service for customers.
5) demand supporting facilities:
Air compressor + storage + + water pump cooling tower
Hydraulic flow rate: 3m3/h 0.2Mpa
Air pressure: 0.4-0.8mpa
Water temperature: less than 25
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