Coating machine in the common problems and solutions in the process of use

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In the process of vacuum coating machine work, problems are inevitable.Have coating effect problem, also have failure of vacuum coating machine itself.Below is the coating machine in the use of the common problems and solutions in the process of:

Part one.The coating has a stain or defects.

1. The bottom with dirt or dust particles.

Processing method: filter carefully paint;

2. The coating chamber has been polluted.

Treatment methods: cleaning.

3. The spray of trachea with pollution.

Treatment methods: cleaning or filter;

4. The painting workshop air flow rate is too large.

In the process of plastic injection gas evolution or pitting on the surface.

Processing method: check the mold, improved process or change the material directly.

Part two. Coating cracking is flaky.

1. The coating is too thick.

Methods: adjust the coating thickness;

2. The difference between primer coating shrinkage is too big, or primer curing.

Methods: adjust the light curing process or adjustment of coating formula.

Part three.Aluminized layer brightness is bad.

1.The base material surface has a lower density area.

Methods: base material brand, or increase the solid content of coatings, increase the crosslinking density of coating;Two or more coat.

2.Low evaporation rate.

Methods: improve the rate of evaporation.

Part four. The bottom coating fall off.

1.The base material surface oil pollution.

Methods: clean or replace base material surface grades;

2.Hand contact with the surface of the base material.

Processing method: try not to use hand to touch, or wear anti-static gloves.

3.The diffusion pump oil.

Processing method: using add oil baffle device, etc.;

4.The coating operation is not good.

Methods: guarantee of vacuum degree.

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