ZGD Series Vacuum Roll Coating Machine

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ZGD Series Vacuum Roll Coating Machine

Operational principle

It uses the advanced large-scale evaporation and ion coating process and rolling technology, functionality can be coated film, but also to the functional layer coated on the protective film. Two processes, a complete, highly advanced science.


Vacuum roll coating machines can coat anti-corrosion coated on resistance, wear resistance and other features and decorative coating film on the rare earth magnets, necklaces fittings, buckles, belt buckles, internal and external hex wrench, screwdriver head, electric iron head, screws, nuts, washers, springs and other small pieces of metal parts, shaped pieces.


1) The machine belongs to the type of continuous production (also batch production), and the materials can be fed and discharged without opening the vacuum. It is domestic initiative, and  the furnace loading volume can be> 100 kg.
2) It applies to aerospace, aviation, automotive, electronics, hardware, manufacturing, household appliances and other industries, and with a wide range.

technical parameter

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