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Ion Plating

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Ion plating

Has a variety of coating method used in modern aviation industry, such as electroplating, plating, electroless plating, spreading and rolling pressure, plating,

etc.Many coating process for people to grasp, and played a significant role in the production.However, the existing coating process with the development of products,

so as to encourage people to explore new coating technology.The ion plating is more than ten years developed a kind of new vacuum coating technology.

Ion plating is a new development of the vacuum coating technique.General vacuum coating (also called vacuum evaporation), workpiece clamp is in a vacuum enclosure,

when high temperature evaporation source electric heat, prompting to melt, evaporation materials evaporation plating materials.Due to the evaporation temperature,

material got a kinetic energy of particles along the line of sight direction slowly rising, finally packing film attached to the workpiece surface.Formed by the

process of plating, with neither solid parts surface chemistry, presence of diffusion bonding, adhesion performance is very poor, sometimes falling dust a sample like

the surface of the table, with the hand a touch will be erased.Ion plating process is different, however, although also be conducted in a vacuum enclosure, but this

coating process is implemented in the form of charge transfer.That is to say, the evaporation of material particles as a positively charged high-energy ion cathode in

the high pressure (workpiece), under the appeal of injected into the workpiece surface at high speed.Equivalent of a high speed warhead was expelled from the gun, can

wear into the target body

Ion plating process is as follows: the evaporation source anode, cathode artifacts, when passing a three to five kv high voltage direct current (dc), arc discharge

between evaporation source and the workpiece.Due to the vacuum enclosure filled with inert argon gas argon gas ionization discharge under the action of electric parts,

thus forming a plasma dark space around the cathode artifacts.Positively charged argon ion by the cathode of negative pressure attraction, violently bombardment

surface of workpiece, the workpiece surface dirt particles and be blown to splash out, so that the workpiece to be plated surface got fully ion bombardment to

wash.Then, through to evaporation source ac power, evaporation materials particles melt, entering glow discharge area and ionized.Vaporized positively charged ions, in

cathode attract, along with argon ion into the workpiece, when heleft evaporation plating on the workpiece surface material over loss of the number of ions, the

splashing is accumulated gradually form a layer of strong adhesion to coating on the surface of the workpiece.This is the simple ion plating process.

1、Features good coating adhesion performance ordinary vacuum coating, evaporation materials particles in only about one the energy of the electron volts to the

workpiece surface evaporation, between the workpiece surface and the coating, forming interfacial diffusion depth is usually only for a few hundred el (10000 = 1

micron = 0.0001 cm).That is one percent smaller than a human hair.Can say almost no connection between the transition layer, like a totally separate.After ionization

ion plating, evaporation materials particles with $three thousand to the kinetic energy of five thousand electron volts.If ordinary vacuum coating particles is

equivalent to a gas after runner, so ion plating are like passengers on a high-speed rocket, when its high-speed bombardment workpiece, deposit not only fast, but also

can penetrate the workpiece surface, forming a deep into matrix diffusion layer, the spread of ion plating interface depth can be up to four to five microns, that is

to say, than the ordinary vacuum coating diffusion depth deep dozens of times, even one hundred times

2、Around the ability of ion plating, plating evaporation material particles in the form of charged ions in the electric field along the power line direction, so that

the part of the presence of an electric field, it can obtain good plating, this than ordinary vacuum coating can only be acquired in the direction of the direct

coating is superior.Therefore, this method is very suitable for complex parts plating on inner holes, grooves and slit.Other methods, such as difficult plating

parts.Using ordinary vacuum coating can direct plating, surface evaporation material particles such as climbing ladder, can only along the ladder;While ion plating

evenly around the plating to zero pieces and inner hole, the back of charged ions is like on the helicopter, to the provisions of flights to fly to anywhere within a

radius of its activities.

3、Coating quality of ion plating coating thickness of compact structure, no pinhole, no bubbles, even.Even edge surface and grooves can be evenly after plating, tumor

will be metal.Like thread parts can also be plated after, because this process can repair tiny defects such as cracks and pitting on the surface of the workpiece, so

it can effectively improve the surface of the plated parts quality and physical and mechanical properties.Fatigue test shows that, if properly handled, fatigue life of

the workpiece is two percent higher, 30 before plating.

4、Cleaning process to simplify the existing coating process, most requirements prior to strict cleaning artifacts, are both complicated and time-consuming.Ion plating

process itself, however, have a kind of ion bombardment cleaning effect, and the effect also continued in the coating process.Excellent cleaning effect, can make the

plating layer close to the substrate directly, effectively enhance the adhesion, simplifies a lot of cleaning before plating.

5、Can be widely ion plating plating material is due to the use of high energy ion bombardment surface, make a lot of electricity in the workpiece surface is converted

into heat energy, thereby promoting the surface diffusion and chemical reaction of the organization.However, the artifacts, in particular, are not affected by the high

temperature of workpiece is the core.So this kind of coating process has a wide application range, by the limitations of the small.Usually, various metal, alloy and

some synthetic materials, insulation materials, heat sensitive material and high melting point materials can be after plating.Non-metallic or metal plating on the

metal artifacts, also can on nonmetal metallized or non-metallic, or even can be plated plastics, rubber, quartz, ceramic, etc.

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