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Us to "seeking truth from facts, exploration and innovation, excellence, customer first" is the management idea, establish and improve the strong technical support and after-sales service professional maintenance team, to the user provides a variety of technical services, to help users to correct use of Puyuan vacuum equipment, timely for users to remove equipment produced in the process of the fault, the user solving difficult problems.

Equipment commissioning and acceptance
1, acceptance criteria: the two sides to determine the "technical agreement"
2, in the field of equipment for cold commissioning of equipment pre acceptance
3, in the field of equipment of cold and hot commissioning and acceptance to the official

After-sales service
1, a full set of equipment shelf life of one year, within the warranty period, we are free of maintenance services (except the user operation). After the expiration of the guarantee, we will continue to provide equipment maintenance services, and only charge the cost.
2, our commitment to the user after receiving the notification, within 2 hours to respond, if necessary (to allow the case) within 48 hours to reach the user site.

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