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Vacuum coating machine maintenance

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With the development of science andtechnology, vacuum coating technology has been in: solar thermal collectors,solar cells, tapes, disks, semiconductor devices, glass, optics, photoelectricdisplay device, mould and cutting tool of hard coating, thermal coating ofturbine blade, metal products, watches, mobile phones and glasses packagingdecoration metal, plastic products, plastic film, and other fields are widelyused.

Vacuum coating equipment has a variety ofspecifications of the single chamber and multicellular machine in a row.Processcan be divided into: vacuum vapor deposition, ion plating, sputtering, beamdeposition and molecular beam epitaxy plating, etc.The performance of thevacuum coating equipment directly affects the production process, productquality and production, to the performance of the equipment is normal, mustestablish and improve the equipment;System of maintenance and repair,maintenance, maintenance 


Maintenance and repair system, in order tomake the vacuum coating equipment maintenance, maintenance and problems in theprocess of production can be timely collection, transmission, analysis andprocessing. And the management system.
 A perfect system,such as the use of the equipment operation procedures.Maintenance personnelshould hang put when maintenance is "maintenance" brand, and cut offthe power to prevent other people use the machinery, equipment, etc.

Regular maintenance, one may ask the dailymaintenance and necessary maintenance on a regular basis?In fact every life hasits own equipment, such as the use of silicone oil diffusion pump service lifeis 2 years or so, I will rule 1 and a half years and change, it is done sowasted, I think don't waste, is worth in the service of production from thedevice, the boss doesn't want to see most is a machine in the productionstage.As long as you put the daily maintenance and regular maintenance done, atthe same time of extend equipment life, greatly reduce the risk of failure inthe process of production, the production efficiency is also improved.

Equipment maintenance: when it comes torepair a lot of people have a headache is part of the vacuum leak, vacuum partout of the question more troublesome, plus many companies did not leakdetector, it will be in stages to find.Vacuum pumping up the reason may nothave the following:
Perhaps the leakage rate on the high side is weoften say of leak; Perhaps the vacuum suction capacity of the unit is notenough, oil contaminated or oxidation; May be bleed air vacuum room is toodirty.
Or is that there are several possible.Appearproblem, the first is to determine, dismantling anything?Will leak?The valveopen?According to the phenomenon judgment reason, and then to find problems,according to the judgment may get twice the result with half the effort.Once weclean the arc evaporation source, after cleaning with a try vacuum is slowerthan before, it is suspected of arc evaporation source gas leakage, thenchecked is arc evaporation source of a sealing ring was supposed to replace,think can also, there is no change when it is assembled, the result is a flat

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